WEDGE-IT was invented by a roofer. The creation was inspired by the concern of homeowners asking the question…”Can we walk on our roof after it is installed?”

WEDGE-IT, properly installed under tile roofs can more than double the load bearing capacity of that roof.

Save Up To 24% On Utilities With Your New Roof.
In addition, WEDGE-IT provides a substantial amount of added insulation and sound proofing. WEDGE-IT is easy to install. Just place it over the tar paper and the properly fastened tiles will secure it.

WEDGE-IT is made from Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) the same product used to make foam cups. If you can trust 1/8” to protect your hand from boiling coffee, imagine what WEDGE-IT will do for the comfort in your home.
EPS foam can withstand heavy loads and extreme conditions. The Alaskan Pipeline was insulated and stabilized with EPS.
More than 3.6 million board ft. of Insulfoam EPS is incorporated in the roof, walls, fire proofing, special shapes, and figures for the Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel.
EPS Foam is so durable it is being used here to stabilize bridge and road construction.

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